Thursday, October 15, 2015

BeautyCon: BFF Beauty Box Unboxing!

Hello Speakers!

I hope this message finds you well!
Okay, I know there are MANY monthly subscription beauty boxes out there -
Birchbox, Ipsy, FabFitFun etc. The list is endless. To be quite honest, "The Makeup/Product Junkie" in me would subscribe to all of them. Why, you ask? So that I could have a lovely surprise waiting for me at my doorstep, all the time (Duh)! Reality is, my pockets are VERY limited and I have to be very selective with my "coins" - Ya'll, The struggle is real (LOL)!
Anywho, I FINALLY opted to try out
BeautyCon's BFF Membership Beauty Box!

Unfamiliar with BeautyCon? No worries, below is a quick description!
"BeautyCon is a community of creators redefining beauty. We talk about what matters; culture, trending news, fashion + beauty, your favorite content creators, and important issues. Our mission is to bring fans, brands and creators together in one place. BeautyCon isn't just about beauty, BeautyCon is about connecting you to the heartbeat of the internet.

Last year, I attended BeautyCon NYC 2014 and I have forever stamped that as a highlight of my life! I am bummed that I will not be in attendance to this year's BeautyCon's NYC festivities. But, my spirit will be there and I hope that all beauties in attendance will have an amazing time.
Interested in learning about my experience with BeautyCon NYC 2014? Head over to an earlier blog post, here I detail my account of
BeautyCon NYC


Okay, so back to what this blog post was intended for - BeautyCon BFF Beauty Box!
Over the Summer, I subscribed to the seasonal (billed every 3 months) subscription beauty box. 

In comparison to other popular beauty boxes, I was a little disappointed that I would only be receiving a box, seasonally. However, after continuing my research into the subscription (What?? Signing up for a box is a BIG DEAL), I realized that the perks received or potentially received were WELL worth it. 

I have been following BeautyCon for quite some time.
I follow their
Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat.

(SnapChat: Beautyconsnaps)

While "stalking", I mean, following the BeautyCon adventures I noticed that BFF's (aka BC Subbies) were given opportunities to take over their SnapChat, featured on the BC website and win tickets to BFF exclusive events (i.e BeautyCon Tour, "Meet & Greets", concerts..).
To be honest, this is what sold me on the subscription - being apart of a beauty community where incredible BeautyCon offers are presented exclusively to me and other BBF's!

I received my first box this Summer. For this box, BeautyCon partnered with triple threat (American actress, comedian and singer) Teala Dunn for the contents - Summer Essentials!

Check out the contents I received in my S'2015 box. 

(Above picture taken from Beautycon.com)

I have yet to try any of the products but, as soon as I do, I will be sure to inform you of my thoughts! Look out for a "To Be Honest" Page, detailing my honest opinions about products. 

This box included the following items:

1. Gold Inc Tattoo, BeautyCon BFF Tattoo

5. BeautyCon 'Lana' Sunglasses
7. BeautyCon Gold Bars & Studs Earrings
8. BeautyCon 'Lips for Days' Clear Bag

9. Pure Vida Bracelet
13. BeautyCon 'In Bloom' Flower Crown

For my first box, I was quite pleased with the box itself and all contents inside. I am excited to give the NYX Lipstick, Colour Pop eye shadow and Maybelline mascara, all a try! 

BeautyCon's own LoLoCat will be influencing this season's Fall box and if her picks are anything like her Nails, it will be EveryTHANG - Super Excited! I am definitely looking forward to the Fall Season box. For a sneak peak into next season's box check out the video below. 

(video credited to BeautyCon.com)

Be sure to check out BeautyCon.com
 if you haven't done so yet, to learn more about this rising community of creators redefining beauty. Also, while you're there, sign up for the seasonal BeautyCon BFF Membership Beauty Box!


Jessica Demps

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Pink Lid - All Girls Conference: 2014 ReCap

Hello Beauties,

I hope this message finds you well! Okay, Am I the only one who is gawking at how fast 2015 is flying by! Yea, I thought I wasn't the only one. 

Anywho, I was looking to write a post but, I found this one resting in the trenches. A year ago, I'd begun to draft a recap of The Pink Lid All Girl Conference (2014). I never finished the draft but, looks like now is a perfect time to do so - Look at God! So, with the conference being this weekend, I felt a nudge to get this recap out and STRONGLY encourage all to attend! Although, this post isn't heavily influenced with makeup, I did serve as a MUA for the event and that qualifies it for iSpeakMakeup!

Hope you enjoy:

Well, I guess the saying is correct - "Time flies when you're having fun!' And, these past few months have been just that - FUN! Attending exciting events, where I can meet new people, is always a blast! One event in particular - The Pink Lid All Girl Conference

Although, I participated in the event as a Makeup Artist, I was able to sit in on the breakout sessions and participate in all activties that my time allowed for. 

For many who are unfamiliar with The Pink Lid, I have provided a brief description below:

"The Pink Lid 2014 will be the 20th conference put on since 2006. Founded by Matt and Alyssa Shull, now The Pink Lid is held annually in Miami, FL. Every conference has two main purposes. The first is to instill ‘True Beauty’ in the hearts of every girl attending. The second is to share the purpose of purity and the ‘why’ behind the ‘wait’. Reject What You Know asks the question “What if everything you knew about yourself was a lie?” Since much of what you learn and adopt as belief has been prescribed by media, we ask you this to question the source of your knowledge and in doing so, reflect on your core values."

The Pink Lid, hosted by Words of Life Church, (North Miami, Florida) partnered with several recording artists (Butta P), authors, speakers  and digital media influencers such as Carla Mercedes of The Daily Chat! Ever craving a dose of Inspiration and Motivation? Of Course! Head over to her YT Channel! Also, Be sure to check out her Daily Chat Store to stock up on your tools to take on your goals! Carla was present interviewing conference attendees, artists and presenters, all while spreading her dosage of uplifting vibes. 

As I stated before, I served as a Makeup Artist for the conference and enjoyed every moment of it! Connecting with the young ladies, hearing their stories, learning of their future goals and dreams was so amazing! With a year down, I hope all the ladies I spoke to accomplish all they had intended to achieve! Aside from the breakout sessions, which I will get into, one of the many highlights of the conference was completing the makeup for a VIP contest winner! Included with her VIP package, was full GLAMover by Me! 

How Gorgeous is She!?

The Breakout Sessions - Ahhh, Man! I do not even know where to begin with
words, how empowered, uplifted and full of Life I felt after EACH Session! All the presenters were powerful in the delivery of their content and really wanted to touch the lives of all in attendance. The breakout sessions topics ranged from media influence, marriage, self-esteem, purity and more importantly living for Christ! 
To be in an atmosphere where so many ladies and young ladies were on fire for Christ, was awesome! I really do not want to give many details away. I encourage each of you to register for the conference, if you haven't already done so and get a first hand experience for yourself. 

(photo by Amber Stephens)

2014 Pink Lid Speakers

Did I mention Heather Lindsey was the Headlining Speaker?!

I sat on Kristian Kelly's session
and purchased her book, Sparkle!

Engaged in some Food Truck Fun
with my Little Sister

Other Highlights.....


The conference concluded with Heather Lindsey as the keynote speaker and a Glow Stick "after" party! 

I encourage ALL of you, if you haven't already done so, to head over to ThePinkLid.com and register for this year's 2015 conference! 
 My little sister and her "bestie" will be in attendance 
and they are excited!
Also, my church, Joy of Faith (West Palm Beach, FL), will be taking a group of young ladies to the conference! Take a quick look at 2014 Recap, and the click open another tab and REGISTER!!!!

Be Sure to Follow THE PINK LID on
all Social Media Sites! Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr

Monday, September 21, 2015

Where Have You Been?

1 Peter 3:3-4

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious.

Hi Beauties,

I hope this message finds you well! It has been, "I think", over a year since my last post. I do not even want to check to see how long it has been because, if it has been longer, I would be even more ashamed! (Picture below, my ashamed face)

I will be completely honest with you. When I first began blogging, I was hopping on the "Social Media" and "Blogging" train to be in the 'in-crowd'. You know the deal, "I like Beauty. I have a CRAP LOAD of makeup, I can review things. I can have a Blog". Yeaaaa, NO! Who knew there's WORK that goes into this. I give MAJOR KUDOS to those that have blogs, it's bigger than I thought. At the conception of my blog, I was working 2-3 jobs & the passion for it was not there. I was just 'doing it". 

Don't get me wrong, I do ENJOY all things beauty but, blogging at that moment had become a chore. 

This would be my "blogging" (or shall I say lack there of) routine: I would walk to the computer, sit down (sometimes prepped with coffee), power on the monitor, sign into Blogger and glance at a very blank screen. I would have a MILLION ideas, writing prompts or beauty events to write about but, I would just grow 'exhausted' of the work I will have to put in and pack up and go to bed. My excuse - "I'll do it tomorrow". This 'routine' ran for days, to weeks, to now a year (and maybe more...Eek!). I actually did manage to pop a post or 2 or 3 since the birth of this blog! I pat myself on the back for that, LOL!

So, what does this have to do with MAKEUP!? I know, I know... I am getting there, LOL! Hold your pretty little bums still!

In the past year, I have realized a GREAT deal about life and more importantly MYSELF! Tomorrow IS NOT guaranteed, and we need to get on the grind NOW! In the year, I have grown even more professionally. I have prioritized my life, exed the jobs that I was just keeping for the money and made it my business to really be more focused on my beauty adventures! 

I am looking to restructure the blog, only to better discuss my "makeup adventures" with you beauties. So, expect changes! I have regained a fire for connecting with each of you and taking myself seriously about my talent and site! I guess this post can serve as a RE-Introduction to myself and iSpeakMakeup. 

I want to sincerely THANK each of you who have paid a visit to the blog! 

Blessings & Beauty,
 (Talk about a supreme 'duck face' photo, Bwahahahaha)